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YES - Straight Nail Clipper, with nail catcher 8cm

Straight Nail clipper with Nail Catcher

  • 8cm
  • Chrome Plated
  • Made in Germany

When cutting your big Toenails, be certain you’re using one of those large, straight-blade nail clipper; they’re the ones designed for big Toe nails, and they work well on your smaller toe too.

For healthier fingernails and toenails, do your nail trimming with a good quality nail clipper from Becker Solingen. They will trim the nail in a smooth, straight line rather than clamping it and smashing it from top to bottom. Becker Solingen tools made from high-quality steel with sharp edges, meaning they can be used for a long time without doing harm to your nails. The trick is to pay attention to the material the clippers are made from, as that’s what justifies the price.

How often have you dipped your nail clippers in disinfectant? If your answer is less than at least 12 times per year, you’re at a much higher risk for developing nasty bacteria and fungal infections. 
To help reduce the chance of nail-destroying bacterial and fungal infections, own your own set of trimming tools (separate clippers for fingernails and toenails is even more ideal) and be sure to disinfect the tools after each use.

These nail clippers are sustainably manufactured in Solingen/Germany with know-how since 1930

With its beauty products of the BECKER Solingen YES range have stood for quality made in Solingen with the best price-performance ratio for many decades

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