Small Adult Changing Robe Aubergine - 95 cm Length


Material: Cotton (350 GSM)

Colour: Aubergine

Size: Small Adult / Teen

Length (down from the shoulder): 95 cm (37 inch)

Wide (Shoulder): 72 cm (28 inch)

With Sleeve and Pocket

This Aubergine coloured Changing Robe Ideal for outdoor activities and you can change clothes anytime, anywhere. Going to the Beach or Swimming Pool this Swim Robe can be used like a personal dressing room!

Ideal for surfers, swimmers and everyone who like to go to the beach, divers, triathletes, mountain bikes, just to name a few. Overall, you can say this Swim Robes are perfect when changing clothes outdoors, but they can be used Indoors instead of a dressing gown, after having a bath or shower. It can also be used after exercise in the gym or having done your yoga session.

This Changing Robes will block the sun in summer and protect you against wind and cold in winter. A perfect warm and dry Robe when wind blows the body after exercise and ideal to be used all year round.

Easy to clan in the washing machine just remember that you chose a good Washing Powder that removes stains from body oil, dirt, grass, and more.

Keep in mind that you sort your towels, washing our Aubergine coloured Changing robe towel separately or with similar and dark colours, because they can bleed.

Liquid fabric softeners do work, but they leave a film that decreases a towel’s absorbency and increases flammability. Use dryer sheets instead. Most towels shrink, so use the appropriate heat setting. If your dryer has a moisture sensor then all the better. If you like to be more Environmentally Friendly drying it on your clothesline will save energy and you will have a longer lasting Towel.

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