Gym Towel Colour Sea Grass Green - 30x100 cm



Colour: Sea Grass Green

Size: 30x100 cm (12x39 inch)

100% Cotton

Many Gym Owners require you to use a Gym Towel during the workout.

Cotton is the most common material for Gym Towels and this for a good reason. Cotton Gym Towels are absorbent and dry quickly.

Using one of our Gym Towel will ensure you are following proper gym etiquette. Because no one wants to use a machine, only to find it covered in sweat from person who previously used it.

Using a Gym Towel will keep you feeling clean and dry during the workout. Sweat will build up and it is important wiping your face with a clean towel during your workout.

A workout towel can keep your face, eyes and forehead feeling clean and dry. Your workout towels keep you cool. 

Part of a good workout includes increasing your heart-rate. As your heart-rate increases, so does your body temperature. Use your towel to cool your body temperature during a workout. A quick swipe over your brow using your workout towel can encourage you to push yourself further during a workout.

In the Laundry

Gym Towels absorb large amounts of sweet and body oils during your exercises and should be laundered frequently.  Please chose a good Washing Powder that removes stains from body oil, dirt, grass, and more.

Also keep in mind that you want to sort your towels, washing dark and/or coloured towels separately, because they can bleed. To keep your white towels bright you might consider a Washing Powder with bleaching components.

Liquid fabric softeners do work, but they leave a film that decreases a towel’s absorbency and increases flammability. Use dryer sheets instead. Most towels shrink, so use the appropriate heat setting. If your dryer has a moisture sensor then all the better. If you like to be more Environmentally Friendly drying it on your clothesline will save energy and you will have a longer lasting Towel.

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