Colours True Colour Nail Polish Foxy Fuchsia

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5 ml
(100 ml = €149)

  • Perfectly covering nail polish
  • With high colour brilliance and ideal colour output
  • Dries quickly and lasts long
  • With innovative fan brush for particularly easy and fast painting
  • The special extra in the manicure for a sensational look
  • Available in many colours - from naughty to chic
Colour on the nails!

Paint off? No thanks! On well-groomed fingers belongs colour. The True Colour Nail Polish palette by Colours convinces by beautiful, rich colours, which last a long time.

The reworked texture of the nail varnish is super easy to apply. Also thanks to the innovative fan-shaped brush, which brings the nail varnish perfectly with a line on the fingernail. With their high colour brilliance, the colours of nail polish are brightening and bring hands and feet to a high gloss.
Apply the nail polish only on dry, non-greasy nails. For this, brush off the brush slightly at the bottle edge and apply the nail varnish in the middle from the nail attachment to the nail tip. Use two other brush strokes to spread the varnish on each side of the nail. Let the first layer dry for a few minutes and then apply a second layer for an optimal colour result.

Tip: Always use a base and a top coat. So the colour does not dye the fingernail and is maximally fixed.