Colours Nail Therapy

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  • Care Paint for healthy looking nails
  • Smooths and seals thin and brittle nails
  • With Keratin and mineral complex for less splintering nails
  • With Vitamin E and bamboo extract as the basis for healthy nail growth
  • With innovative fan brush for a defined order in a train
  • From True Colours Nail Care range

Nails need care!

Brittle nails can have many causes and sometimes you can not do anything against . But we can give our nails the care they need now: Colours Nail Therapy helps thin nails on your feet. The light, bright pink paint helps problem nails with Vitamin E and bamboo extract to more elasticity and resistance. The nail breaks less quickly and will be strengthened. A keratin complex repairs the nail and supports a healthy nail growth . The Colours Nail Therapy makes thanks to its delicate pink colouring good solo, but can also be applied instead of going to the base coat under coloured lacquer.