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Aloe Vera Regulating DermaIntense Cream

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ISAC Certificate

  • Extra-rich cream for particularly stressed skin
  • 20% aloe vera gel and an active ingredient complex of vitamin B12, evening primrose oil and Mahonia extract
  • Soothes and moisturizes
  • The skin is regenerated and back in natural balance
  • Without perfume oil


Aloe Vera Regulating DermaIntense Cream
LR ALOE VIA Aloe Vera Regulating DermaIntense Cream - rich care for stressed skin.

DermaIntense is the innovative solution for stressed skin. It is particularly suitable for sensitive areas of the skin on the face, neck, elbows or back of the knees. The active ingredient combination of aloe vera, evening primrose oil, mahonia extract and vitamin B12 nourishes and was specially developed for particularly dry skin areas.

Aloe vera can support the natural protective mechanisms of the skin and balance the moisture balance. In addition, the complex ingredients of Aloe Vera promote the smoothness of the skin and lead to a visibly more vital radiance. Especially with dry, irritated skin, the evening primrose oil can positively affect the appearance of the skin.

Mahonia extract may e.g. be used for skin irritations and has a calming effect. Vitamin B12 helps the skin to regenerate in dryness and irritation.

The LR ALOE VIA special care is especially soothing and regenerating on stressed skin as well as on skin irritations. The products cover the stressed skin like a protective film, cool, soothe and promote regeneration.

How to use

Apply several times daily in sufficient quantity to the cleaned areas of the skin and distribute evenly.

Good to know

The effectiveness of evening primrose is based on the very high proportion of gamma-linolenic acid, a triunsaturated essential fatty acid. For people with very dry, chapped skin, evening primrose oil is highly recommended. The skin becomes again much better and smoother.

Care and Regeneration with the power of Aloe Vera

With the Caring and Regenerative power of Aloe Vera on the way to naturally beautiful and healthy skin - that's what LR Aloe Vera Products stand for. Whether young or old, in our variety of products everyone will find the right one for their care needs. So you and your loved ones are provided with the best of aloe vera from head to toe.

Your way to Natural and Beautiful Skin

High proportion of aloe vera for intensive care and regeneration

High proportion of Aloe Vera for intensive care and regeneration.

Enriched with nourishing Organic Extracts - specially tailored to the respective care needs.

Enriched with nourishing Organic Extracts - specially tailored to the respective care needs.

Particularly mild and well balanced for best care.

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