Aloe Vera Nutri-Repair Hair Shampoo

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200 ml
(100ml = €7.00)


  • For healthy, shiny hair to the tips 
  • With 45% Aloe Vera gel and organic bamboo extract 
  • Gently cleanses and strengthens the hair from the outside 
  • Moisturises hair and scalp 
  • For every day hair wash 
  • Product from the LR ALOE VIA Nutri-Repair hair care series


Aloe Vera Nutri-Repair Hair Shampoo Beautiful and strong hair - to the tips

Who does not dream of silky smooth and healthy shiny hair to the tips? This dream comes true with the Aloe Vera Nutri-Repair hair shampoo.

The shampoo gently cleanses the hair by attracting and removing dirt particles like a magnet. It strengthens the hair from the outside with provitamin B5 and provides hair and scalp with moisture thanks to 45% Aloe Vera gel.

It also gives your hair a fruity-fresh, vitalizing fragrance. For self-confidence to the top!

How to use

For every hair wash.

Apply walnut-sized amount of shampoo to wet hair, massage gently and rinse thoroughly.

Ideally, always apply shampoo and conditioner to every hair wash. Replace the conditioner with the deep repair mask 1-2 times a week. For extra heat protection also use the Leave-In cure.

Good to Know

Shampoo opens the scurf layer for cleaning, removes deposits, removes sebum, dandruff and styling residues. The hair can also take care substances.


  • Silky smoothness: up to 3 times lighter to comb*
  • Healthy shine: more than 90% less hair break *
  • Vitalizing scent: 95% of the test persons love the scent **

* With combined use of shampoo, conditioner and mask. Confirmed by biophysical tests of wet combing power and anti-hair breakage effect compared to a neutral shampoo performed by proDERM in January 2018

** User study with 40 subjects conducted by Dermatest in December 2017

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