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Aloe Vera Lip Balm

International Aloe Science Council, Content and Purity CertifiedQuality Made in Germany
  • With 40% Aloe Vera
  • Care and protection at the same time
  • A lot of extra moisture to dry lips


Aloe Vera lip care gel - gentle care for soft lips

The Aloe Vera lip care gel with 40% Aloe Vera nourishes and protects the lips.

When external influences, such as wind and weather, make sensitive lips difficult to handle, some would like a protective roll collar to pull it up to the nose. You do not need it! Simply use the Aloe Vera lip care gel and give your lips an extra moisture, for gentle and supple lips. Apply the Aloe Vera lip care gel several times a day and tell the harsh, dry lips in any weather good bye.

How to use

Apply to the lips several times a day.

Good to Know

Our lips are one of the most sensitive skin regions and are often left out during the care. Rough lips are available in both summer and winter. So: Maintain your lips all year and provide them with sufficient moisture. So that they remain beautiful and supple in every living situation!

About the Aloe Vera products from LR A few years ago the desert lily Aloe Vera was also discovered for care products. In the meantime, the beneficial properties of the plant are almost unthinkable in the care programs of many people. The LR Aloe Vera Care Series includes numerous high-quality products.

All Aloe Vera care products are made of the highest quality. In the course of our many years of experience in the processing of this versatile plant, we have developed procedures to optimally use the valuable ingredients of Aloe Vera in our care products. This includes, for example, the fact that LR only processes Aloe Vera plants from the Mexican highlands, whose cultivation is strictly adhered to optimal growth conditions. The harvest is carried out exclusively by hand, in order not to damage the valuable leaf filet. Aloe Vera products are made in Germany. This is how we ensure the highest quality.


What is Aloe Vera and why is it suitable for nursing?

The Aloe Vera is a plant with deposits in very hot and dry areas, Eg Spain and Mexico. The inside of the fleshy leaves, the leaf gel, has been used for many years for skin care. Its ingredients are known to strengthen the natural protective mechanisms of the skin and to balance their moisture balance. This should make the skin supple and promote a fresh radiance when used regularly.

What is special about the Aloe Vera care products from LR?

Exceptionally high levels of Aloe Vera gel and selected active ingredient combinations make the high-quality LR Aloe Vera products so unique and an experience for the skin. Since 2001, we have been developing and producing the right to be the best in this field. For this reason, we use exclusively the leaf gel of the Aloe Vera plants from controlled cultivation in the highlands of Mexico - a condition for the highest quality.

In addition, we stand for gentle processing so that the valuable ingredients are completely preserved and rely on a high Aloe Vera gel concentration to maintain high-quality care products.

With more than 50 high-quality Aloe Vera care products, we are sure to meet your expectations of optimal skin care

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