Aloe Vera Face Scrub

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75 ml
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International Aloe Science Council, Content and Purity CertifiedQuality Made in Germany

  • With 50 % Aloe Vera
  • With Wild Rose extract and plant-based exfoliating granules
  • Gentle deep cleansing and radiantly fresh skin

Aloe Vera facial scrub - for a carefully refined skin

The gentle Aloe Vera facial with 50% Aloe Vera cleans the face deep. Fine peeling granules gently dissolve dead skin cells and fine dirt particles. The high Aloe Vera content regenerates and makes the skin look smoother and smoother. Wild rose extract is appreciated because of its regenerative effect. It is intended to strengthen the skin structure and provide additional moisture. The vegetable abrasive granules gently remove excess skin cells - the skin can radiate again.

Clean the skin thoroughly before the peeling, For example with the Aloe Vera cleansing milk and the facial water. Apply the Aloe Vera facial to the moist skin and massage it with gentle, circular movements. Save the sensitive eye area. Wash the peeling with plenty of lukewarm water. To achieve a lasting effect, perform the exfoliation on normal skin approximately once or twice a week.

If the skin is tired and faded, the Aloe Vera facial scrub can radiate the complexion again. Old, dead skin cells are removed and skin circulation is stimulated. After a peeling, the skin looks immediately fresher and is more receptive to other skin care products, Such as the Aloe Vera Moisture Mask.

What is the effect of the Aloe Vera facial peeling?

The peeling removes old skin cells, can increase the firmness of the skin and provide a refined complexion. The massage is intended to activate the colorectal and elastin production, which can reduce the visibility of fine wrinkles. In addition, the peeling can have a positive effect on the general active ingredient absorption of the skin.