Aloe Vera Deo Roll-on - without alcohol

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50 ml
(100 ml = €13.98)
International Aloe Science Council, Content and Purity CertifiedQuality Made in Germany
  • With 15 % Aloe Vera
  • With organic cotton extract
  • Gentle and at the same reliable protection against body odor and perspiration
  • Provides a pleasant fresh feeling
  • Without alcohol


Aloe Vera Deo Roll-on - soft , fresh fragrance and long-lasting effect.

With its mild and skin-friendly formulation of Aloe Vera Deodorant Roll-On 's are ideally used for more sensitive skin types and can even be used directly after shaving. Moisturizing Aloe Vera gel and organic cotton extract worry all day for a safe and fresh feeling. The alcohol-free formula refreshes with a subtle scent and can be used well in combination with the personal favourite perfume .

How to use

Apply daily in the morning / evening. Use as needed for refreshment.

Good to Know

It is best to remove the armpits hair with a wet shaver. Before shaving, it is recommended to use a gentle shaving foam (eg Aloe Vera shaving cream) that softens the hair. Then, the wet shaver is taken from different directions across the armpit to remove all hairs. After shaving, Aloe Vera Deo Roll-on can be applied directly, as the gentle formula relaxes the skin and provides a pleasant feeling of freshness.


Why is the Aloe Vera deodorant roll-on without alcohol?

Alcohol dries the skin and can lead to the irritation of the natural skin barrier. Germs and bacteria have so light play and can possibly attack the skin. That is why the gentle formula of Aloe Vera deo roll-on without alcohol.

What are the organic cotton extracts used in the Aloe Vera Deo Roll-on?

The organic cotton extract binds sweat to the skin surface.

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