Aloe Vera Baby Bubble Bath

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International Aloe Science Council, Content and Purity CertifiedQuality Made in Germany

  • Bubble bath for gentle Baden sensitive baby skin
  • With 30 % Aloe Vera for intense skin hydration
  • With organic calendula extract to soothe the skin
  • Particularly mild to the skin
  • From Aloe Vera Baby Series

Thanks to mild detergents baby bubble bath will be your no. 1!

This is what your baby will like! Beautiful Bath experience will not only strengthen a growing, trusting relationship between parent and your child. The Aloe Vera Baby Bubble Bath leaves to a clean, well-groomed skin. The Aloe Vera Baby Foam cleans the skin and is particularly gentle to baby skin. The Aloe Vera contained supports the moisture balance of the skin , calendula extract provides her special protection and care .

Aloe Vera Baby Bubble Bath as a bath additive into the water. The ideal temperature of water for babies is about 37-38 degrees. For safety, check the temperature with a thermometer.

Tip: With the mild Aloe Vera baby bubble bath you can comfort your baby's bathing pleasure 1-2 times a week for five to ten minutes.

Aloe Vera is a desert lily and known as "Allrounder" for internal and external application. Due to their well-known positive properties, such as their ability to store very well water, as well as their extremely positive effect on the body, the Aloe is the basis of many LR products. For the production LR uses only the Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller. She has already proved her "ability" in early times: Already Nefertiti and Cleopatra have already used an aloe paste for the skin and beauty care.

Calendula, the marigold, is common throughout Central and Southern Europe, West Asia and the USA. Their fruits are crescent-shaped to geringelt - therefore also the name "marigold". Ever since ancient times the Calendula has been used to support the skin. Their effect is versatile. For example, it can be soothing, relaxing and revitalising when used internally. Used externally, the marigold is found in creams, oils or tinctures and can be used for many skin irritations.