Adult Changing Robe Royal Blue - Length 110 cm



Colour: Royal Blue
100% Cotton
350 GSM

Length: 1.10cm long down from the shoulder, body change space 83cm wide, this size suits 4'6" up to 5'9" (140cm - 180cm)- lots of room to change inside. - (If in this height range this is probably the one for you).


Designed so you can get changed outside without the struggle of holding your towel in place!

Our Royal Blue changing robe are great for sports and leisure activities. A great changing towel for mobile changing, on beaches, mountains, rivers and fields! Just drape the robe over to dry yourself and then it can also be used to cover yourself when changing, without flashing.

Ideal for outdoor and indoor sports.  Whatever your sport, you’ll need to get changed and our Changing Robe makes this easier than ever, whatever the conditions and location. Whether its swimming pool or gym, triathlons or adventure races the changing robe is easy to transport and convenient on the go. With different sizes its ideal for all sizes from kids to adults. Particularly useful for watersports and outdoor sports, it protects from the elements like cold, wind or sun!

Manufactured in Royal Blue with high grade cotton these premium robes are also ideal to be used as a bath robe, beach towel or just a coat to stay warm! It’s ideal for individual athletes or active families.

They are great indoors as well instead of a bathrobe

This Changing Robe is a must have for someone Loving Water Sport . Swimmers, Surfers, Kayakers, Triathletes Etc. and for all the family on holiday.
This Changing Robe will Improve your Level of Comfort after Practicing. 
The robes are made from 100% Cotton and a thickness of 350 grams per square meter and Highly Absorbent, 
This Changing Robe will protect you from the Cold and the Sun In Summer. 
The Changing Robe allows you to Change your Clothes while outside, without losing any privacy. It is very easy and practical to move around inside. Sleeves allowing you to move your Hands and Arms swiftly and quickly.
Finally, This Changing Robe also features a large Front Pocket for holding Personal belongings, or even putting your hands in to warm them up.

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