Welcome To Kimis Beauty Shop

We are happy to see you visiting our Website!

We pride ourselves on providing the best Customer Service in the Beauty Industry today and we will treat your order as if it was our first order. Passionate about Beauty(full) products our Customers love!

How it Started

We opened our Website in Spring 2016.

In October 2016 we started trading and just booked a Table at Blackrock Market. I still remember booking our first Weekend and sitting with Nick in the Market Office discussing our Plans.

March 2017

After a few month trading from a table and waiting for the right spot to come vacant. We have been lucky to secure us a tiny, few square meter Unit and opened our first Permanent Shop in Blackrock Market. Probably the Smalles Shop ever seen :-)

Now we took a deep dive and started just with a small but Exclusiv Range of Products, looking always for new options and constantly expanding our Product Range. In 2020 when Corona hit the Country, we took the decision to close our store temporarily and switched to Click and Collect by appointment when possible and processing Online Orders as quick as possible. When the Situation in Autum 2021 changed we started to open on a regular basis again, but noticed very quickly that we have outgrown our Small Corner Shop as we had now close to 1000 Products on our Website with hundreds of Online Orders every month.

March 2022

Here we are 5 Years in Blackrock and we moved to a larger Shop. With this move we are able to present more Products and you can have a closer view. We look forward to welcome you and answer Questions you might have. Still you are the most important part in our Business.

If you are unable to visit us in Store please place your Order Online and if you have questions we are here to help.

Below you will find Reviews we received from Customers, we are proud of the positive Feedback we receive via the different channels we use and we pride ourselves on providing today the best Customer Service in the Beauty(full) Industry and we will treat your order as if it was our first order and this is what you will see reding our reviews.

More to come......