Covid-19 Update (02.01.2021)

Until further notice we will not offer Click&Collect at our Blackrock Store.

First, we like to reassure everyone that the health and well being of Customers, fellow Traders and Friends is the most important for us and because there seems to be confusion around what is allowed and what not we like to clarify how we will operate for next few month:

Level 5

As long we are under Level 5 Restrictions, we will operate our Online Shop as normal as this was clarified and is in full compliance with the actual level 5 guidelines.

Level 4 or below

As soon the restrictions are eased and reduced to Level 4 or lower, we will Operate our Online Shop as normal and offer Click & Collect on Saturdays and Sundays between 9 AM and 6 PM by appointment only.

We worked hard over the last years to build up our business from zero and hope that our loyal Customers who visited us in our tiny Store will understand this decision.

Stay healthy!

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