Lavera Product Range

At some point everyone knows: nature is the real thing

It is no coincidence that the name lavera is derived from the Latin word "verum", meaning "the true". Because each of lavera natural cosmetic products embodies the purely natural and therefore the only true beauty care.

Lavera knows that nature has everything we need for well-groomed skin and beautiful hair. Lavera has been deciphering these secrets for over 30 years and used them to develop unique compositions of active ingredients for each and every one of their natural cosmetic products: convincing sensory benefits, lasting effectiveness and for all skin needs.

What drives Lavera

Lavera wants to offer everyone the opportunity to groom themselves naturally.

That is why lavera works with full passion and enthusiasm every day to produce the best natural cosmetics that meet the highest standards.

Through their actions and products, lavera want to make our contribution to keeping the world hereditary.