500 GSM Cotton Towels

68 products
  • 100% Cotton
  • 500 GSM
  • Long lasting
  • Great choice of Colour
  • Easy to Clean

Available in 4 Sizes: Face Cloth 30x30 cm (12x12 inch); Hand...


8 products

If you wear a bathrobe, you know that few things are more comforting than waking up and putting on a robe and that nothing’s cosier than slipping into...

Changing Robes

13 products
  • 100% Cotton or Microfibre Fabric
  • Easy to Clean
  • Long lasting
  • Great choice of Colours
  • Quick Delivery

Designed so you can...

Gym Towels

13 products

People usually go to gyms to work out. So, it’s normal to see people in gyms dripping in sweat and that, unfortunately, means that...

End of Range Towels - Towel Bales

11 products

There's no excuse anymore for boring and outdated towels so update your bath with bright colours that will cheer you up. We offer you here...

Hair Wrap - Hair Turban

3 products

From our latest Hair Care range including shampoos, conditioner, hair masks with oil or Zero Waste shampoo there are many products available to get your...

Microfibre Towels

20 products

If you're looking for a nice sized beach towel, then our Microfiber Towel Collection is hard to go past.

The towels in our collection come...

Thick and Fluffy Cotton Towels

84 products
  • 100% Cotton
  • Long lasting
  • Plenty of Colours to choose from
  • Easy to Clean

Available in different Sizes: Face Cloth 30x30 cm (12x12 inch); Hand Towels 50x90 cm...

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