Changing Robes Size Guide

We Know that selection of the right Changing Robe can be overwhelming. With this Changing Robe size guide, we try to support you with your mission to buy Soft and absorbent Swim Robes that suits best.

View below our detailed Swim Robe guide to help you find the right fit for you. We recommend to use a measuring tape to find the right wide and length.  

  Length (From Shoulder Down) Wide (Shoulder) This Size might Suits*
Kids 75cm 60cm 100cm up to 120cm
30inch 24inch 3.3foot up to 3.9foot
Teenager 85cm 65cm 115cm up to 135cm
33inch 26inch 3.7foot up to 4.4foot
Small Adult / Teens 95cm 72cm 130cm up to 150cm
37inch 28inch 4.2foot up to 4.9foot
Adult 110cm 83cm 145cm up to 170cm
43inch 32inch 4.7foot up to 5.5foot
Adult XL 120cm 85cm 160cm up to 200cm
47inch 33inch 5.2foot up to 6.5foot

*Please note this is for reference only and can vary depending on body shape

Our Swim Robes are widely used for all outdoor activities like surfing, windsurfing, kite-surfing, kayaking, swimming indoors and outdoors, camping, mountain biking, diving, rugby, netball and obstacle course racing and the list is still growing and will never be complete. Did you know you could use one of our Swim Robes at home after the bath?