About us

Our Slogan sounds simple but is a challenging Statement we stay for.

"Say what you do and do what you say"

Founded in 2016, the original idea to open an Online Shop for Health and Beauty products was born in 2015.
In March 2016 we Teamed up with LR Health and Beauty, a well known German brand for all your Health an Beauty needs and the Website kimisbeautyshop.com launched in June 2016.
First difficultly faced before the website was created, was to find a unique name for the shop. After long thinking, what else could be chosen than from the long time Loyal Companion "Kimi" a black and white Jack Russel Terrier with German roots.
Or Plans for the future are to get one of the leader in the online market for Health and Beauty Products having a focus on Unique Products as well as Value for Money.

We want to pride our self with best Service and Customer Experience in the Industry and setting new standards in online Retail of Health and Beauty Products. Always listening to our Customers and focus on their needs. This will not be archived from one day to an other but we look forward to a journey with many challenges and customers.