"Say what you do and do what you say" 

We want to pride our self with providing best Service and Experience possible. Aiming for highest Customer Satisfaction in online and offline Retail.

2016 - Website launch with Aloe Vera Cosmetics, Perfumes and more.

2017 – Opening of our Store in Blackrock giving us the opportunity to interact directly with Customers with this start we expanded our range of products by Cotton Bath Towels and Beach Towels, Changing Robes and more.

2018 – Expanding our range of products by Beach Bags

2019 – We stared to list Scented and Un-Scented Candles and related accessories.

2020 – Expanding our range of Products with Vegan Cosmetics and accessories, as well as cleaning products that are sustainable and with low Carbon footprint

This journey so far from over and will be always driven by our Customers, because we are listening to them and focus on comments made to us and questions asked about products people are looking for.

We look forward to continue this journey with many challenges and you as a customer.

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