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    Make your bathroom your personal oasis of wellbeing!

    Fluffy soft towels, cosy bathrobes and great bathroom accessories create comfort and cosiness in your bathroom. Towels in your favourite colour with the matching bath mats set beautiful accents in your bathroom.

    You can create your own personal oasis of wellbeing, from washing gloves to the right hand towel and shower towel to the right bath or shower mat and the right bathroom accessory. Great individually embroidered towels are eye-catching and give every bathroom a very personal touch.




    Uni or colour

    Quality and absorbency

    The classic among the materials for towels and shower towels is cotton. The natural fiber is hard-wearing, robust and durable. Due to their coarse fabric, cotton towels are particularly absorbent. Mixtures with synthetic fibers, such as polyamide or polyester, have the advantage that they dry faster and therefore fewer bacteria or germs can form.

    Microfiber cloths dry even faster. The interwoven cavities absorb moisture particularly well and are also very light and space-saving. The microfiber towels are therefore particularly popular as travel or sports towels.

    Terrycloth or microfiber

    Towels come in many different sizes and colours. But also in many materials. The classic terry towel made of cotton is still one of the most popular, but there are now other materials from which towels are made.

    Terrycloth towels convince with their high absorbency and the pleasant feeling on the skin. Terrycloth and terry towels are made of cotton. These towels are very durable and last a long time. Hammam towels are also made from pure cotton. These particularly large towels are originally from Turkey and, despite the thin weave, absorb a lot of moisture. As a rule, terry fabrics are woven. There are two types of terrycloth, the twisted terrycloth has a regular pattern because the loops are shorter and more densely woven. This makes the fabric particularly hard-wearing. The fuller terry has more irregular and longer loops, is more absorbent, fluffier and more voluminous.

    When exercising, a towel has to dry quickly, be light and absorb sweat quickly. That is why special sports towels are usually made of microfiber. This material is particularly suitable for towels because it is very absorbent and yet dries quickly. Due to the special material properties, towels made of microfiber also have an antibacterial effect. Another advantage is that the towel is very light. It fits comfortably in the gym bag and also keeps its shape.

    Uni or colour

    Most bathrooms are plain white: white tiles and white ceramics. With great patterned and coloured towels, you can give your bathroom a new look without major technical changes. For example, plain or minimally patterned terry towels give a clear, modern look. In contrast, the flowery products create a more playful and romantic style. If you want something more colourful and eye-catching, then the coloured terry towelling provides a gaudy highlight in no time, which puts you in a good mood in the bathroom in the morning.