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    Everyone needs a canvas tote. They provide just enough space to conveniently carry groceries, gym clothes, a laptop or just everyday essentials. Plus, you will find them in an affordable price range at Kimi’s Beauty Shop.

    With its long straps, rectangular shape and wide top, the tote bag looks quite simple. But, as anyone who owns one (or more) will tell you, it can become the most useful and versatile bag in your wardrobe.

    Between gym clothes, groceries, toiletries, books or almost anything else, tote bags can carry almost anything hassle-free. Plus, the low price of our canvas bags means you can throw them on the ground without worry.

    Whether you prefer the utility of a canvas bag, or you're in the market for a sophisticated bag to take to work each day, we've the right tote bags for you.

    A tote bag, as we all know, is no longer just a tote bag. Sometimes you might just though to want a reliable, well-made bag that doesn’t tell to others your favorite shop preferences or donation habits. In order to find some such functional, relatively simple totes, we have Canvas bags on offer that can handle even the sweatiest of gym clothes.

    Now we have listed a few occasions for the use of your new canvas tote.

    There are so many ways to use a canvas tote. Sure, they're great for bumming around on the weekends and taking stuff to the office, but you can use them in many other ways, too. To keep all of your odds and ends organized.

    Cold weather survival kit

    Fill your new Tote Bag with everything needed to make it through a breakdown in the middle of winter and you can rest assured that you'll be prepared for the worst. It should contain things like jumper cables and a first aid kit. Always keep it in the same place and make sure you know where it is.

    Perfect for picnics

    There's nothing like a picnic on the beach, so skip the bulky basket and stash your tasty snacks and drinks in a canvas tote bag. It will keep everything nice and cool and you can just look out for a beautiful place to spread out your blanket and dig in.

    A cool carry-on

    If you're a frequent flier, you need carry-on luggage that can hold your essentials and stand up to the stress of air travel. A tote made of rugged canvas will do the job nicely – they're big enough for a laptop, but easy to get things in and out of when you're going through security.

    Holding your yoga gear

    Get a great tote that matches your favorite yoga pants and you'll be ready to do downward dog in style. It will keep your water and healthy post-class snack and sure it has room for your street clothes, too.

    Organizing your footwear

    Has your doorway been taken over by shoes? Order some tote bags and use them to keep your footwear in check. Stash all of your flats in one, and your sneakers in another. When it's too cold for sandals and flip-flops, put them in a tote until the next summer and they won't get in your way during the winter.

    A super sleepover bag

    Little bays and girls love sleepovers and yours will probably hit an age when the invitations start piling up. Instead of emptying out her schoolbag every time get your little one a tote of her own. You can pack it with a hairbrush, clothes for changing and anything else they willl need. Just leave room for a present if they celebrating a friend's birthday.

    Great for gifts

    Gift bags are a wonderful way to say thank you to friends who help you move house, the gal pals who serve as your bridesmaids or even the person who delivers your mail. Instead of using a disposable paper or plastic bag, give them a reusable tote filled with treats, like Skin Care products, Towels, luxury bath products or gift sets from Kimi’s Beauty Shop.

    Splish splash

    Take a tote along on your next trip to the beach or pool. You can put in your swimsuit, shades and sunblock, along with a good book and some snacks.

    Nice for knitters

    A tote bag from us makes a great knitting bag. Fill it up with your favorite yarns and needles and you'll be ready to work on that new scarf or hat wherever you go. Smaller items, like scissors, stitch markers and a measuring tape.

    Freelancing on the go

    Do you regularly head to your favorite coffee shop to work on freelance assignments? Slip your laptop in a tote to keep it safe. You'll also have extra room for all the little things you need, like a notebook, pens and your phone. Don't forget to bring a cardigan and your charger along, too.

    Hauling groceries

    Help protect the environment by saying no to plastic grocery bags and getting some totes you can use over and over again. Best of all, a tough tote is strong enough to hold heavy things, like milk.

    Heading to the hospital

    If you, or a loved one, will be spending a night in the hospital, fill a canvas tote bag with some items to make your stay a little nicer. Some puzzle books and a tablet computer will keep you occupied and don't forget toiletries, too. Shampoo and Shower Gel is another nice item, especially if you have long hair.

    Toss in the toys

    Kid's toys can take over your house if you're not careful, turning your living room into a mess with dolls, race cars and other stuff all over the place. Keep things neat and tidy by using tote Bags as storage. It will prevent things from being lost (or stepped on) and you can even remind your kids that anything they don't put back in the tote goes into the charity donation pile.

    A big beauty bag

    Turn a women's tote bag into your one-stop beauty kit. Fill it up with all of your makeup and skincare items, including foundation, cleansing and face wash, along with your brushes and sponges. If there's room, add your hairdryer, styling products and curling iron. At long last, you'll have some extra space in your bathroom!