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    Tea lights as a versatile mood and household item

    Tea lights as household accessories look inconspicuous at first. But that is deceptive: the small candles can be used in a variety of ways. For example, in a warmer or under a hotplate - the small lights serve to keep drinks cans or food from cooling down. Here you can find out more about the uses and possibilities of tea lights. Lights on, everyday life off!

    What is the difference between tea lights and candles?

    The most obvious difference between a stick or pillar candle and a tea light is the small bowl made of aluminum, plastic or glass in which the latter sits. The tealight would not work without a container: In contrast to wax or stearin, which gradually liquefies, the paraffin of the tealight becomes completely liquid after a short time - therefore tealights only have a stable shape when they are cold.

    Paraffin is made up of saturated hydrocarbons that are refined from petroleum. Stearin - the substance from which most candles are made today.

    Not just to shine - diverse flames

    With tea lights you can quickly and effectively provide warmth and light in the right places:

    The inexpensive tealights - as decoration in matching tealight holders - represent a tried and tested alternative to candles as table lighting. They do so less of illuminating the surroundings. Rather, the tea lights are small, selective mood highlights.

    The coffee pot at the table gets cold too quickly? A teapot warmer with a tea light provides nostalgic flair and warm drinks.

    Fragrance lamps work according to a similar principle. Here the tea light warms a mixture of water and essential oil.

    If you need a stable flame quickly for any household purpose, but don't want to sacrifice a candle, a tea light is close at hand.

    Scent and mood: tea lights in home decor

    The fragrance lamp mentioned above is one of the main application scenarios for tea lights in the furnishing sector. But you can also ensure a pleasant room fragrance without the device: Buy tea lights with fragrances incorporated in the paraffin. When heated, the tea light releases atmospheric scents. Especially at Christmas, for example, the apple-cinnamon scent enriches the room atmosphere, while lavender ensures relaxation all year round.

    Interesting facts and safety around the little light

    As with all candles, follow basic precautions: Never leave tea lights burning unattended. Protect them from drafts and place the light at a sufficient distance from flammable objects. The following also applies to the Hotplate candle: Do not try to extinguish the flame with water. Paraffin is an oily substance; if it comes into contact with liquid, a so-called fat explosion can occur. In general, therefore, tea lights should not be dampened.

    The burning time of a tea light is usually between three and four hours, our Eco-Friendly Tea lights burn around eight hours, so you will get probably the double amount of burning time out of them. Maxi tea lights with a larger diameter are many times that time.

    In the interests of the environment, our eco-friendly tea lights are offered without aluminium cups. We are offering Tea Lights in alternative option of transparent plastic containers. This seems to be at the moment the most efficient and Eco-Friendly way to proceed is to buy one off our eco-friendly tea lights with reusable plastic bowls and keep them. In this way you avoid rubbish and as a result you can make optimal use of the fuel and refills.


    Tea lights are suitable for many uses in the household:

    They show a heating effect under warmers or fragrance lamps.

    As mood lighting, tea lights are on a par with small candles. The burn time is several hours.

    Tea lights are made from water-insoluble paraffin and are therefore inexpensive.

    Reusing the aluminium bowls is environmentally friendly.

    As scented candles, they spread pleasant smells in the room.

    Provide atmospheric light and warmth with tea lights from Kimi's Beauty Shop!