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Shower Gel and more

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    Shower Gel and more.

    Whether in the morning to wake you up or in the evening to relax: for many of us showering is part of their daily care ritual. Probably always with you for this will be a shower gel. This cleanses the skin, pampers it with nourishing ingredients and envelops it in a pleasant scent. We at Kimi’s Beauty Shop also include body wash, shower cream and natural shower bars in the "shower gel" category. Now you are probably wondering: what is the difference? We will try to explain to you what properties the individual products have and give you tips to make your shower experience even more beautiful.

    Shower Gel

    The classic option: With the shower gel, the focus is on gentle cleaning, accompanied by a scent. This varies between flowery, fruity or woody - depending on what you fancy when you jump into the shower. Citric and fresh fragrances have a revitalizing effect - that's not bad, especially in the morning. In the evening it can be something warm: Here a shower gel with a lavender or honey scent probably the best suitable.

    Body Wash

    With a Body Wash you will have a particularly fluffy shower. The composition of the body washl is similar to that of the shower gel. One of our best-known products when it comes to body wash belongs to Lavera. A brand known for their Natural Products. At Kimi’s Beauty shop there are different delicious variants of the body wash. Depending on the ingredients, they are suitable for normal skin, sensitive skin and dry skin.

    Plastic-free, more sustainable personal care

    The idea of sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in many households. However, a look into the bathroom at home often shows that there is still room for improvement here. A few bottles of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and the like quickly pile up in the shower, and with it a large number of plastic packaging.

    But now there are also a number of more sustainable alternatives when it comes to hair and skin care. Wooden toothbrushes and deodorant cream, solid shampoo, hair soap or solid conditioner have been known for a long time. And when it comes to showering, there are now alternatives to conventional shower gel: shower soaps and solid shower gel! explain what you need to know about the fixed product variants. We

    Solid shower gel bars - what's the difference here?

    A good question! After all one of the main benefits is that they are plastic-free alternatives and we reduce our carbon footprint.

    You will find on our site as example the Lavera body wash bars. A natural gentle body and hair cleansing in solid form: The vegan recipe of Lavera Naturkosmetik with organic aloe vera and plant-based keratin offers a pleasant foam experience with a natural scent and gently cleanses skin and hair without drying it out. They are certified natural cosmetics and dermatologically tested, without silicone, without solid microplastics, without artificial colors and preservatives and the Packaging is made from recyclable cardboard material made from 100% recycled fibers.

    How do you use the two products?

    There are two different ways to shower with shower gel or solid shower gel:


    Option 1: First lather up the solid pieces in your moistened hands. Then simply clean the body with the resulting foam, as if rubbing in with a lotion.

    Option 2: Circle your body directly with the moistened sustainable alternatives and then wash off.

    Tip: For an extra peeling effect, the products can also be packed in a soap sachet. By the way, this not only ensures a peeling, but also offers the following two advantages:

    A firm grip: Damp soaps are usually very slippery and can easily fall out of your hand. So if you pack your soap in a soap sachet, you get a little more control over the bar of soap.

    Storage: Correct storage is important so that you can enjoy sustainable body care for a particularly long time. The pieces should not be exposed to moisture all the time, as this will dissolve them more quickly. So the best thing to do is to put the pieces in a soap dish, which allows the water to drain off, or to let them dry in the soap sachet. By the way: some shower soaps or solid shower gels, for example from Foamie or Balea, come with a small ribbon to hang up. Practical, isn't it? The dry shower gels and soaps can then also be stored in a can.

    What are the advantages of the fixed product variants?

    Practical when traveling: The pieces are space-saving, light and you don't have to worry about the products leaking in your suitcase or backpack. So perfect for every trip!

    Plastic-free: Plastic is often found in vain for packaging, as paper banderoles or cardboard packaging are usually used. In the spirit of sustainability!

    Save money: Solid shower gels are much more concentrated than their liquid counterparts and a shower gel bar is the equivalent of up to three bottles of liquid shower gel. And soaps are also more productive than normal shower gel and thus not only protect the environment by saving plastic, but also protect your wallet.

    Often pure nature - at least many products are vegan and / or consist of natural ingredients. Natural cosmetics are also available in solid form certified according to NATRUE, such as by Lavera.

    Tip for a more sustainable shower process: The main environmental impact lies in the application phase. So use the product sparingly, turn off the water while soaping and use warm water as sparingly as possible.


    General ritual tips

    Hot-hot baby

    Hot water relaxes the muscles as it stimulates blood circulation, but temperatures that are too high dry out our skin. A shower temperature of 35 to 36 degrees is ideal. By the way: taking a warm shower makes you tired. If you have trouble falling asleep, take a warm shower and then cuddle up in bed.

    Timing is everything

    Long showers put a strain on the protective acid mantle. Experts recommend a maximum of ten minutes. You also save a lot of money with it: If you shower for more than ten minutes, you use more water than a full bath!

    Hairy business

    Do you soap yourself first and then wash your hair? Try it the other way around and give preference to your hair. While you soap and wash your body, conditioners or treatments have enough time to take effect.

    Swam over it!

    The cleaning is particularly thorough with the bath sponge. The soft surface gently removes dead skin and ensures a pleasant peeling effect. If you use the sponge dry, you can also get your circulation going.

    The best for last

    For the shower sequence, it is advisable to wash your face last with a cleanser suitable for your skin type. Thanks to the warm steam and lukewarm water, the pores of the facial skin are opened and ready for thorough cleansing and a nice peeling.

    Give your Shower a break

    Turn off the water when you soap yourself.

    Special tips for showering in summer

    Cooling down

    Lukewarm water is gentler on the skin than hot. And the alternating shower between warm and cold at the end is a matter of honor, especially in summer.

    Cat wash

    On many days it is sufficient to only distribute the shower product where we sweat a lot: for example under the armpits and on the feet. You can use an intimate wash lotion for the genital region.