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    Scented candles for a pleasant room ambience and atmospheric light

    The ambience of an inviting room is not only influenced by light and decoration. It also depends on the smell. Our sense of smell reacts emotionally to scent notes, a fact that even plays a role in everyday life - for example in the “perfuming” of public spaces. With the skilful selection of a room fragrance, you can take advantage of the fragrant advantages at home. Scented candles are an effective means of doing this. Here you can find out more about how to use such candles as lighting and for flavouring.

    How does the scent get into the candle?

    Modern household candles are usually made of stearin - a substance obtained from fat or vegetable oil - while tea lights are made of paraffin, a petroleum product.

    Wax, stearin and paraffin can easily be mixed with essential oils or synthetic fragrances in their viscous state. Flavouring a candle is therefore not difficult and enhances the otherwise odourless product. Usually, a scented candle is also coloured for better differentiation.

    When the candle is lit, the heat dissolves the oil in the wax and releases its fragrance molecules into the air in the room. The richer the fragrance and dose, the more intense the smell.

    What types of scented candles are there?

    Scented candles are available in different types, each suitable for different uses.

    Scented tea lights are suitable if you want to immerse the room in a special scent quickly and for a limited period of time. You use the small candles as mood lights, nicely in matching tealight holders.

    Classic scented candles as pillars fit on a candle holder. Since the lights are often colored, pay attention to whether the scent matches the decoration. Fragrance pods are available both as mini candles and as large versions with a long burning time.

    Scented candles in the glass burn effectively because the wax cannot drip away; decoratively designed candle glasses are also a special eye-catcher. Scented candles in the glass are available.

    Scented candles are a practical alternative if you don't want to set up a classic fragrance lamp in which a water-oil mixture is heated over a flame. You save the detour via the water bowl. Due to the warmth and the accompanying air movement, the scent is distributed in the room faster than with a "cold" room scent such as an air freshener.

    Relaxation, stimulation, ambience: the right choice of fragrances

    When choosing a scented candle, choose scents that promote the desired effect. The scent signals of different aromas arouse different moods. Here are some top fragrances.

    Lavender scent has a calming effect and is suitable, for example, when you want to relax before going to bed.

    Citrus scents, on the other hand, are stimulating and fresh - also as a room scent.

    Many people find berry scents as mood-enhancing and motivating.

    Vanilla is also valued as a good-mood fragrance and is also said to have an aphrodisiac effect, as there are similarities to human pheromones.

    Fresh Cotton - also a popular scent with deodorants, by the way - smells refreshing and "clean".

    In the Christmas season, apple, cinnamon or chocolate scents are also ideal to accentuate the Christmas decorations.

    How do scented candles work against mosquitoes?

    Scented candles against mosquitoes make use of the fact that essential oils such as citronella act as repellants as a deterrent to the buzzing bloodsuckers. For human noses, it is a pleasant, lemon-like scent.


    Make your home cozy with scented candles. A wisely chosen fragrance appeals to the senses and creates a positive mood.

    Scented candles are available as pillars, tealights or candles in a glass.

    They quickly spread the scent and can therefore be used in a targeted and dosed manner.

    The spectrum of fragrances offered ranges from relaxation to stimulation.

    Citronella products serve as candles against mosquitoes.

    Never leave flavoured candles burning unattended.

    Discover the room design through aromas with scented candles from Kimi’s Beauty Shop!