Rustic Candles

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    Candles from Kimi's Beauty Shop will have a significant impact when it comes to decoration your homes. People use them for various purposes. There are different types of candles available on our Website However our rustic candles are popular among many people. They are very decorative and typically our rustic candles are free-standing. This means they can be used on many different occasions. Ideally, you can burn them while free standing or they can be placed in lamps or heat resistant decorative plates.

    Although our candles offer contemporary lighting, it’s important to know they come in different sizes too. Some are thin, thick, short and others tall. Depending on your preference, it’s possible to enjoy excellent room decoration from the available varieties. Moreover, the wax of the candle can come in different colors. 

    Also, there are plenty of reasons to light candles as example when you have a warm bath surrounded by flickering candlelight is one of the favorite rituals to de-stress, breathe deeply, and relax. The soft glow from the candles can help to smooth out the rough edges of the day. It’s a re-set ritual after all the blue light we encounter during the day from computer screens.

    Lighting candles can also be a great way to kick off a party. As there is something magical about their soft, twinkly illumination. The flickering light of the flame has a way of drawing you into the moment and helping you be fully present. It sets the tone and helps transport your guests into a dreamy space they can relax in.

    One simple and inexpensive ways to add to the festivities is to fill small jars with votive candles and spread them around the party space. The extra glass surrounding the candle mirrors and reflects the flame creating even more glow and soft light.