Pillar Candles

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    Candles come in all conceivable sizes, shapes and colours. Because the material wax, or better said stearin or paraffin, can be shaped and coloured as desired. The rustic candles, which spread a festive light in the candle holder, and the pillar candles are very popular. But there is more - let yourself be inspired!

    Candlelight enchants

    The flickering of candle flames immediately creates a festive mood, cosiness and warmth. Whether on the laid table or distributed in the room, as part of the Christmas decoration or in a lantern on long summer evenings: candles fit everywhere. They not only spread wonderful light, but are also beautiful decorative items when they are not lit at all. Because they are available in numerous colors and designs.

    Elegant Rustic candles for festive tables

    They are available in different heights and work best when put in a suitable candle holder or Wind Glass. Also, they are often used as table decorations. The burning time depends on the hight and thickness of the candle also when placed in a position they catch by a draft this will reduce the burning time.

    Strong pillar candles as eye-catchers

    Pillar candles are up to eight centimetres thick and can have a height of up to 30 centimetres. Therefore, they burn for a very long time, some around 30 hours. Pillar candles are available in colors and with patterned surfaces. In any case, the bold candles are more eye-catching - especially if you arrange them in groups at different heights.


    Pillar candles ensure cosiness with their warm light.

    Candles are made from wax or stearin or paraffin with a wick.

    The warmth of the candlelight has a particularly atmospheric effect.

    Pillar candles are thick and eye-catching and easy to group.

    Rustic candles and pillar candles are available in many colours.