Milly & Sissy Zero Waste Products

Milly & Sissy Zero Waste Products

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    Our Milly and Sissy zero waste products are a great way to reduce your bathroom plastic. Shop plastic-free shower gels, shampoos and hand wash that come in compostable packaging.

    Why buy Milly and Sissy Products?

    • Most bathroom products contain at least 70% water which then has to be transported. Ours contain no water reducing our transport carbon footprint by 94%
    • Our bottle is made from recycled plastic; the sachet is compostable and labels recyclable leaving zero waste
    • It contains no animal-derived ingredients and so are suitable for vegans
    • Made from 99% natural ingredients
    • Of course, no animal cruelty
    • All suppliers are carefully selected based on their ethics and environmental consciousness
    • We're committed to employing people from disadvantaged backgrounds

    Did you know that when you buy Shower Products or Liquid Soap that Water represents more than 70% of the weight in the majority of them?  When buying milly&sissy products, no water is transported giving a 94% reduction in transport emissions.


    All our shower creams are made from 99% natural ingredients.  The base of the shower cream is made from olive oil, coconut oil and argile, nothing strange that you’ve never heard of before, just pure simple ingredients.

    How to Use our Products.

    It's easy peasy and perfect for travel too saving space and weight.

    • Carefully pour the entire contents of powder into a bottle
    • Add tap water and fill to 1cm from the top
    • Then shake well
    • Leave the bottle overnight
    • Then shake well again
    • Then it's ready to use!