Microfibre Towels

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    If you're looking for a nice sized beach towel, then our Microfiber Towel Collection is hard to go past.

    The towels in our collection come in a great choice of colours, and 2 sizes.

    These Microfibre Towels are soft and absorbent

    Our super absorbent microfiber beach towels are no exception when it comes to absorbance and quick drying.

    Microfibre Beach Towels hold several times its own weight in water and they dry 3 times faster than a traditional cotton towel.

    Sand or grass doesn't stick to this towel, and it is very easy to shake it off after using it.

    Microfibre Towels are by far the best choice when travelingThey are small and compact when folded, and have anti-bacterial properties that help out if washing it every day is out of the question. This is what makes them Ideal for Hiking and Camping, when you need save space.

    Although microfiber towels don't look as fluffy as a regular towel, they are very soft and absorbent.

    As well as being extra absorbent, microfiber towels dry 3 times faster than cotton. This is a bonus for any travelling or while on holidays. You can easily wash a microfiber towel at night, hang it out and expect it to be dry and ready the next morning. I washed once my microfiber towel with one of my cotton towels and the cotton towel was still quite damp in the morning but the Microfibre towel was dry. 

    Washing Care of Microfiber Towels:

    How to get the most out of microfiber towels.

    Always try wash these separately from your cotton towels. Microfiber has a tendency to pick up lint from the cotton. Not only does lint fluff over microfiber not look nice, but it can affect the towel's water absorbency properties. 

    Always wash your microfiber beach towels separately for the first few washes as the color can run. 

    Don't use Fabric Softener when washing, only detergent. 

    Wash in cold water. Hot water and heat from a tumble dryer will melt the fibres fusing them together and destroy the greatness of the towel. 

    Microfibre Towels are best left to hang dry, and avoid putting in the dryer wherever possible.

    If you need to put them in a tumble dryer make sure the setting is Low Heat, or No heat if available, and that the barrel of the dryer isn't hot from a previous load.