Manicure and Pedicure

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    Combination scissors are suitable for removing cuticles as well as for cutting fingernails and toenails. Our Titan Edition models have a unique self-sharpening effect and are particularly durable. This model has already received several awards.

    Our range of BECKER Solingen products includes cuticle scissors, cuticle nippers, cuticle pusher, hoof sticks, cuticle knives, rosewood sticks and cuticle care oil for caring for cuticles.

    Numerous variations of nail files offer the right choice for every requirement or application: glass nail files, ceramic files, grooved files, paper files and sapphire files can shorten, shape, smooth, level, seal, polish and remove artificial nails.

    The special sapphire coating of the sapphire nail files was invented many decades ago in the own electroplating shop by Siegfried Becker and his team and has been further developed to perfection by the BECKER Solingen team to this day.

    With their rounded shape, nail clippers and nail nippers make it easier to shorten the nails in their natural round nail shape.

    All instruments are nickel-plated, partially or fully gold-plated, nickel-free or made of stainless steel.

    For cutting the toenails, we offer special foot nail scissors with extra long handles, in order to be able to transfer a lot of force to the cutting edges particularly easily.

     The best way to shorten extremely hard toenails is with the nail clippers and nail clippers that have been professionally ground by Solingen master craftsmen.

     The coarse paper nail files are suitable for shaping both fingernails and toenails.

    Calluses can be easily removed with the callus removers. The ceramic foot rasp, the stainless steel foot rasp or the callus plane are suitable for particularly thick, stubborn corneas.

    Normal calluses can be removed with the Pedicure Stone or the biodegradable wooden foot files. The skin areas that have been freed from calluses with the above-mentioned products can be gently reworked and smoothed with the foot files and pumice stones.

    Our “Hand Spa” care peeling is not only suitable for use on the hands, but also conjures up velvety soft feet.

    Manicure and Pedicure tools from Becker Solingen

    Becker Solingen has stood for high quality manicure and pedicure tools made in Germany since 1930.

    With the Solingen know-how in the manufacture of high-quality steel goods, which has been passed on over 3 generations, our instruments are now among the most valued precision body care products in the world.

    The nail care, foot care and cosmetic instruments as well as the razors are manufactured with great care and passion with the help of the most modern automation technology, robot support and experienced Solingen master craftsmen. Environmentally friendly production processes are particularly important to us.

    Each product is carefully checked separately before it leaves the production facility.

    BECKER Solingen is certified, awarded:

    • DIN EN ISO 9001 certified
    • DIN EN ISO 14001 certified
    • Awarded the ethical style award for sustainable production

    This means that the high quality of the products can be reliably guaranteed.

    The Ethical Style award stands for:

    Eco-Friendly Materials, Re- / Upcycling Design and Lifecycle Design Concept: Products made from environmentally friendly materials or products that are intended for recycling or can be repaired.

    • The materials steel and plastic used in our production processes can be completely melted down and recycled.
    • The products themselves can be repaired or regrinded.

    We stand for Fair & Social Production: Products that are manufactured in social institutions and / or under socially acceptable conditions.

    • Becker Solingen products have been reliably packaged by regional social institutions and non-profit workshops for decades.

    Handmade Manufacturing: Products that are handcrafted and that preserve and promote craftsmanship.

    • Becker Solingen products are from Solinger Expertly sharpened master hands. For this

    Craftsmanship is Solingen, the city of blades worldwide know.