Lavera Tooth Care


    The best first: all lavera toothpastes are vegan!

    Natural dental care

    The carefully composed natural compositions for natural dental care combine proven ingredients from natural cosmetics for effective teeth cleaning. We have developed a new surfactant system so that the feeling of freshness is retained longer after brushing and your teeth feel clean and healthy all day!

    The use of fluorides

    Here we would like to clarify why lavera offers toothpastes with fluoride on the one hand, while on the other hand we have deliberately avoided using some toothpastes.

    As our many years of experience in the natural cosmetics market show, there are numerous customers who want fluoride-containing products, whereas just as many want to consciously avoid fluoride. For example, parents are consciously looking for alternatives to toothpastes containing fluoride, especially if children are allergic or particularly sensitive. In the field of dental care, lavera also offers various products in order to meet the care needs of as many individual care requests as possible. That is why lavera offers dental care products with and without fluoride.

    Why does lavera not use fluoride for the KIDS toothpaste?

    Many parents fear that young children will ingest too much fluoride from swallowing toothpaste. Babies and toddlers do not yet have sufficiently developed mouth muscles and therefore swallow toothpaste more often than older children or adults.

    That is why lavera offers the lavera KIDS toothpaste for milk teeth. The Complete Care fluoride-free toothpaste is an alternative for slightly older children.