Lavera Neutral Care-Range


    Medical skin care & cleansing

    Especially suitable for particularly dry and sensitive skin as well as for neurodermatitis sufferers.

    Discover neutral body care and cleansing: lavera natural cosmetics research has developed a gentle formula especially for sensitive skin, which stabilizes the natural skin barrier with an exclusive active ingredient composition with skin-friendly organic evening primrose. The lavera Neutral body care series provides particularly dry, sensitive skin with intensive care that is free of synthetic fragrances and preservatives (in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Regulation).

    The lavera Neutral body cleansing products allow daily mild cleansing for skin and hair. All lavera Neutral care and cleaning products are also suitable for atopic dermatitis.

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    Especially for particularly dry, sensitive facial skin

    Naturally intensive facial care with organic evening primrose for naturally intensely cared for facial skin. Especially with very dry, sensitive skin, the lavera Neutral series provides the facial skin with intensive care, without the addition of fragrances, colors and synthetic preservatives (within the meaning of the EU Cosmetics Regulation). The lavera natural cosmetics cleansing foam gently and thoroughly removes dirt particles from the skin - without irritating.

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    For dry & sensitive skin

    For dry skin that is prone to neurodermatitis and allergies, the lavera Neutral series offers gentle cleansing that is free from fragrances, colors and synthetic preservatives (in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Regulation).

    Experience gentle skin cleansing now and order the lavera natural cosmetics neutral cleansing products straight to your home!