Lavera My Age Care-Series

Lavera My Age Care-Series

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    Discover the My Age facial care range!

    Against the signs of the times, I have the forces of nature.

    We have carefully composed the My Age facial care series in certified natural cosmetic quality for mature skin from valuable active ingredients such as organic hibiscus and plant-based ceramides. Discover how firm and even the skin appears and how elastic and supple it becomes.

    You will also experience the good feeling of making an effective contribution to environmental protection together with us. For example, by completely avoiding microplastics and silicones.

    There is much more to us than beautiful skin

    We have been working on ever better and more effective formulas for decades. Time and again, our scientists decipher nature's blueprints and use organic ingredients that we carefully compose into highly effective formulas.

    The best proof is our My Age facial care: the intensive oil serum, the firming day care and the regenerating night care are so effective that they reduce existing pigment spots. We're proud of that, but that's not enough for us. We also associate each of our natural cosmetic products with the beautiful lavera feeling of doing something good for yourself and the environment. With skin-friendly cosmetics, which we are packaging, producing and transporting in an increasingly environmentally friendly way.

    Even the best care is even better in a team

    In order to meet the many needs of mature skin and its complex regeneration processes, we have added a particularly rich night cream to our day cream. In this way, the renewal of the skin cells is supported when they are most active, and the entire complexion is revitalized overnight.

    We have developed the My Age Oil Serum for an even more intensive care experience. Simply massage gently into cleansed skin before day or night care - and the soothing oil formula gives it additional suppleness without sticking.

    With our eye and lip contour cream we underline our holistic care approach and complete our My Age facial care.

    Especially around the eyes and lips, the facial skin is not only particularly sensitive, but also crucial for the vitality of our facial expressions and thus for the liveliness of our charisma. With its extra-smooth texture for sensitive skin areas, our My Age Eye & Lip Contour Cream is particularly easy to apply and spread easily by tapping it gently. In this way, the contours of the eyes and lips are gently and sustainably strengthened.