Lavera Lipstick

Lavera Lipstick

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    Beautyful Lips Colour Intense is the Soft Satiny Lipstick in 16 different shades!

    With the color palette of our Beautiful Lips Colour Intense lipsticks and Natural Matt’n Stay Lips, almost any lip look is possible! Thanks to pigments of the highest quality, the Beautiful Lips Colour Intense lipstick delivers breathtaking color and a soft, satiny finish. The texture will nurture and pamper your lips with an organic flower butter of rose, mallow and linden. You will not only look fresh, but feel fresh too!

    Give yourself statement lips in shades with these two easy steps:

    Step 1: Prime your lips with the Natural Matt’n Stay Lips

    Step 2: Go over your lips again with Beautiful Lips Colour. This way you will obtain the best color effect and paint your lips in a sensual explosion of coral shades.

    This are the colours you been looking for for a while and it might be that Lavera the only brand that seemed to have so many options so this is something to be excited about. The lipstick has a rich, creamy consistency and the finish is highly pigmented and slightly shimmery (but not full-on glossy). It will take a little while to dry but lasts several hours. It might be seen as a bit pricier than what you are used to buy but some people spend €30+ on lipsticks so it's all relative and having said this it’s for sure worth every cent  and probably the classiest lipstick you will own and it will be your favorite too.