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Lipliner for defining and correcting lip contours

Use a lipliner pencil (such as lavera Soft Lipliner) to accentuate your upper lip. Apply the liner along the natural outer line of your upper lip. To make lips look even fuller, you could dab a bit of lip gloss (such as Glossy Lips Charming Crystals 13) onto the center of your lips.

Extra tip:

Does your upper lip still look too thin? No problem! Apply your lipstick with a lip brush and extend the line just beyond the contours of your lips. That will make your lips look fuller!

For thin Lips we recommend using a lipliner pencil (such as Soft Lipliner Pink) to line the outer edges of your Cupid’s bow and lower lip.

Extra tip:

Use a lip pencil that is one shade darker to make your lips look fuller.

For full lips we recommend a matte or creamy finish. Avoid vibrant colors that would draw more attention to your lips.

Extra tip:

Apply a light coat of foundation to your lips and lipline, then fill in your lips with a subtle lipstick to lightly conceal the contours of your lips.

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