Lavera Hydro Sensation Care-Series

Lavera Hydro Sensation Care-Series


    Hydro Sensation care series

    Moisturizing care and cleaning from nature - easier than ever

    Hyaluronic acid is nature's moisture booster! Discover now the lavera secret of naturally easier moisturizing and cleaning: The Hydro Sensation series. Our carefully balanced natural compositions with organic algae and natural hyaluronic acids noticeably invigorate the skin and ensure a naturally radiant complexion. Experience a new dimension of noticeable freshness - moisturizing care from nature, easier than ever.

    Intense moisture and a good feeling for nature

    Our Hydro Sensation facial care for noticeable freshness: highly effective composition with natural hyaluron and organic algae as an energy booster for the skin. The latest development from our research combines intensive moisture supply with the beautiful lavera feeling of doing something good for yourself and the environment.

    We have carefully composed the Hydro Sensation facial care in certified natural cosmetic quality into a highly effective recipe: The valuable proteins of the organic algae supply the skin structure with new energy and protect it from drying out. Natural hyaluronic acid binds large amounts of moisture and gradually releases it to the skin. Our newly developed cream-gel texture is quickly absorbed and gives a particularly fresh complexion. Discover how richly filled moisture deposits revitalize the skin and how small, natural wrinkles are smoothed.

    You will also experience the good feeling of making an effective contribution to environmental protection together with us as a climate-neutral company. For example, by completely avoiding liquid microplastics in our formulations and a folding box made from 100% recycled material.