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    Eyeshadows from Lavera are like a kaleidoscope for the eyes

    A number of factors are important in choosing the right eyeshadow, including the position and color of your eyes. We’ve put together a few tips & tricks to help you find the perfect natural makeup to suit your eyes. There are no limits when it comes to eye makeup – wear what makes you happy! To make your eyes particularly expressive, however, we recommend making use of contrasts. You should choose an eyeshadow that complements your eye color.

    You might look at your eye shape to find the right Eyeshadow

    For Close-set eyes only apply darker eyeshadow toward the outer corner of the eye and gently blend the contours with a makeup brush. Apply lighter eyeshadow and a sparkly highlighter (such as Golden Shine 03) to the inner corners of your eyes to make your eyes appear larger and farther apart.

    For small eyes you use the same technique like the one for close-set eyes, a darker eyeshadow should be applied to the outer corners of small eyes. A bit of highlighter under your brows adds a finishing touch to the look.

    When you have Hooded eyes emphasize the outer corner of your eyes with a darker eyeshadow and blend it out to the outer end of your brow line. Apply lighter eyeshadow and shimmery highlighter to your upper eyelid and under your brows to make your eyes sparkle.

    For Brown Eyes the ideal colors: Cool & intense colors like gray, anthracite, turquoise, khaki, purple, and blue are perfect for brown eyes. But keep in mind: The darker your eyes, the darker your eyeshadow should be.

    For Blue Eyes the ideal colors will be Earth tones and subtle shades are the perfect way to make blue eyes pop. Use rose or apricot shades for an understated daytime look, or darker beige, bronze, and brown shades when you’re getting ready to go out in the evening.

    For green eyes the ideal colors are Pink and purple shades like mauve, plum, or rose will make green eyes sparkle. Make green eyes look more intense by emphasizing the outer corner of the eye with a dark eyeshadow in a plum or gray shade.

    This tips you should keep in mind when you are wearing glasses:


    Accentuate your eyebrows

    Near-sightedness: light eyeshadow; eyeliner on the upper eyelid; neutral, smoky colors on the lower lid; and mascara on the upper lashes.

    Far-sightedness: dark, matte earth tones


    Too much color

    Dark colors and sharp contours for near-sighted people

    Brightly colored makeup for far-sighted people