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    The perfect line for your eyes

    Classic eyeliner or a swinging 60s wing: Your choice of eyeliner defines your look. You can use both a Kohl Pencil and a Soft Eyeliner for a softer look, or for sharp lines, try lavera Liquid Eyeliner. It creates a more severe line, accentuating the eyes more clearly.

    Extra tip: Powder your eyelid before applying eyeliner, and don’t apply makeup on top of the liner to avoid smudging the liner.

    Classic Eyeliner: Lean your elbows on a table and additionally steady your hand by placing a finger against your cheekbone. For the first half of the process, apply the eyeliner close to the lashline directly from the inner corner to the middle of the eye in order to avoid making your eye appear smaller. Then repeat the process from the outer corner to the middle of your eye, and touch up as necessary where the two lines meet.

    Winged Eyeliner: Start with the classic eyeliner application process. Then determine where you want the wing to end. The end point should be above the corner of your eye. Now, connect this end point to the eyeliner you’ve already applied. If you want to make the line a little sharper, use some lavera Natural Concealer to clean it up.

    For a proper sixties look, simply widen the winged liner so that it covers most of your eyelid. The wing should also be heavily accentuated.

    For a cat-eye look, apply winged liner to your upper lash line. Then apply a thin line of eyeliner to your lower lash line that gets thicker toward the outer corner of your eye. Finally, connect the upper and lower lines at the outer corner of your eye.

    For a really extravagant look, you can line both the upper and lower lids without connecting the two lines. Another option is to use eyeliner to highlight the crease of your eye. Draw a precise line in the crease that connects to the eyeliner along your lashline at the outer corner of the eye.