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    Your choice: Full deodorant power without aluminum salts.

    No question about it: Preventing the smell of sweat is the most important thing with a deodorant. But is effective and long-lasting protection also possible naturally? Free of ingredients like aluminum salts? For a wonderful feeling of freshness all day long? The answer is finally an unreserved yes!

    The natural cosmetic deodorants from lavera with selected ingredients such as organic ginseng and natural minerals are available for different needs: with 48h + deodorant protection even during physical activity or with 48h protection for sensitive skin, against deodorant stains on clothing, as freshness Boost as well as a variant with a subtle fragrance. All without aluminum salts.

    Natural deodorant protection without aluminum salts (ACH)

    The lavera deodorants are mild and kind to the skin. Even stressed and sensitive skin is cared for by the natural ingredients. With their mild deodorant formula, lavera deodorants provide reliable protection and give you a pleasant, safe feeling - all day long. The organic ingredients have a soothing and disinfecting effect on the skin.

    Aluminum in conventional deodorants

    We ingest aluminum every day without our being aware of it: through our food, the environment, everyday objects such as kettles - and also through conventional cosmetic products.

    In cosmetics, aluminum is mainly used in antiperspirants because of its antiperspirant effect. The aluminum salts present in such deodorants close the skin pores in the armpits and thus prevent perspiration.

    The natural formula from lavera with an effect

    Nature intended that pollutants should be disposed of through perspiration. The unwanted smell arises when bacteria break down sweat. With antiseptic, skin-soothing and skin-balancing ingredients, real natural cosmetic deodorants counteract the formation of odors without impairing the body's natural sweat function. In addition, the active ingredients contained, such as organic witch hazel extract, care for the sensitive underarm skin. This can be particularly pleasant after shaving your armpits.