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    Top cleaning for your skin type

    Facial cleansing is an integral part of every beauty routine: Every morning and evening you should remove make-up and dirt from your face in order to achieve a fresh and even complexion. In our lavera online shop, you are sure to find the right products for your skin type with sophisticated active ingredient compositions that contain organic aloe vera, jojoba or gingko, for example.

    For a pure complexion: The peelings from lavera Naturkosmetik cleanse the skin down to the pores and gently remove dead skin cells - and that without microplastic peeling bodies, because we as a natural cosmetics brand use jojoba pearls instead. Discover here which products can help you to fight pimples and blemishes gently.

    Wash gels remove dirt and make-up from your skin particularly thoroughly. lavera Naturkosmetik has developed washing and cleaning gels with sophisticated active ingredient compositions and natural ingredients that fit perfectly into almost every beauty routine.

    For a radiant, fresh and pure complexion: Facial tonic gently and gently clarifies the skin after cleansing and prepares it optimally for the subsequent care. You could almost say: The facial toner, which some also call tonic, facial tonic, lotion or toner, brings the perfect balance between cleaning and care. The toner represents an intermediate step that you should treat yourself to.