Lavera Basis Sensitive Care-Range

Lavera Basis Sensitive Care-Range

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    Basis Sensitive Range

    Moisturizer for every day and from head to toe

    Moisturizing care for every day and from head to toe: lavera Naturkosmetik has developed the basis sensitive series for normal and dry skin. It offers you natural and easy-to-use care for every day. The basis sensitive body care program offers you the basics for hair, hands, body and feet, while in the basis sensitive face care program you will find all the important face care products for your daily routine - and for some products you can even decide whether you want to take care of yourself or without the Coenym Q10.

    For healthy skin, moisture and an intact skin barrier are essential.

    From around the age of 20, the skin loses moisture, so that the first fine lines become visible - with the right moisture balance, however, the skin is well nourished, does not tense and simply looks fresher. lavera Naturkosmetik has developed nourishing formulas for the basis sensitive face care program, which give your skin intensive moisture with exclusive active ingredient compositions based on organic aloe vera and protect it from drying out.

    Care kick from nature

    Discover the ideal range for simple but effective cleaning and care for every day: With the basis sensitive series, lavera Naturkosmetik offers you everything you need: from deodorant to shower gel and shampoo to body lotion and hand cream. Exclusive active ingredient compositions ensure effective cleaning in shower gel or shampoo, for example, while you benefit from mild and caring formulas and ingredients in hand cream or moisturizing lotion. Count on it!

    Unfolding beauty made easy

    The coenzyme Q10 offers effective skin cell protection because it stimulates the regeneration of skin cells. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it neutralizes free radicals (aggressive oxygen compounds) and thus protects the cells from premature skin aging. The skin can regenerate better and the signs of premature aging are reduced. Q10 is therefore a type of natural anti-aging. lavera Naturkosmetik offers you various products with Q10. Get to know them now!