Large Eco Refill Tea Lights - 18 Hours

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    Our Eco Candle Tea Lights are perfect for Saving Valuable resources and reduce your Waste Footprint.

    We believe in the low waste approach of our Eco Candle Tea Lights and at the same time a monetary worth of our product. Because we can offer the Refills to a very competitive price.

    Our candle holder / cups are designed with a sloped bottom to allow the full consumption of candle wax and save you hassle of breaking and melting the remaining wax for replacement.

    You can get Mixed Packs of Eco Candle Tea Lights with Cups and Refills and Packs with only Refills. You can use the Cups with different Scented refills. This gives you the option to have Today a Fruity Scent and Tomorrow a warming Relaxing Scent.


    Candles can be arranged anywhere and it would look best and sophisticated. Candles are a great choice for the few mentioned uses and many more.

    You can use candles to add softness to your room and living area. Candles can be arranged around cakes and gifts as well on occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and retirement.

    • Candles have soothing and healing properties and are a perfect addition to a therapy room especially in professional body massages, nail work, and parlor services.
    • Aromatherapy is precisely about using candles to help and energize your cognitive processes while calming your nerves. You can add up different oils for anxiety, stress, sleep, and etc. scented candles are also used to support your meditation practice and increase concentration.
    • Beautifully packaged, strong scented candles are now considered great gifts. You can customize and create a great set of candles with refills and oils. Scented candles are a great choice for housewarming gifts. Buy candles without soot-free which are non-toxic, burn clean, and last much longer.
    • Candles in the bathroom create a spa-like retreat and can kill the typical odors.
    • You can set the room atmosphere from ranging scents of fruity to herbal and earthy to airy and woodsy. Masculine to floral and feminine, and from food & drink to seasonal and festive.
    • You can burn a citronella candle to keep bugs away in your room and garden area. No bugs, fresh air, and tea is a perfect combination.
    • Candles are widely used on occasions of remembrance and support. Refill candles are important in such practices. Certain fragrances are also used to remember a memory.
    • Candles can be used as a productive measure in the offices to promote focus and concentration among employees.

    What’s more satisfying than a set of candles gives out calm and warming vibes with the perfect scent. Candles are a luxury you should treat yourself more often. You can purchase new sets with totally justified health benefits. Candles are a great companion of self-care.

    Certain fragrances like lavender are applauded for their calming and soothing properties. These fragrances can help with anxiety, stress, quality sleep, and even headaches.

    You can buy scented candles or mix essential oils in non-scented candle wax. Following benefits can psychologically come along with promoting relaxation and inducing sleep:

     Scented candles can help ease your mind, relieve stress and induce restful sleep.

    • Scented candles can be energizing and improve focus and concentration. You can use candles both as a decorative and meaningful object around your desk.
    • Scented candles also can relieve and help feel ease in anxiety and depression.
    • Scented Candles are powerful in stress-reducing.
    • Scented Candles can active and stimulate your mind.

    With a lot of productive and health benefits, one of the most amazing things about candles is it lightens and improves your mood no matter what at any time of the day. After reading all the positive aspects of candles you probably want to buy some? In our opinion, we have a compelling argument for that as well.

    Why Should You Opt For Our Candles?

    The use of high quality paraffin eliminates the possibility of burning toxins which also allows the essence of fragrance to circulate in the room air. Our Eco Tea Lights are completely sustainable and reusable with our refill system.

     We have an Eco Refill Tea Light refilling system so you don't need to search DIY’s for candle making.

    • Our candle’s cups / holders are made of high quality and are eligible for continuous heat exposure. You reuse the candle cups/ holder with our refills.
    • Paraffin wax refill pieces are also easily available. Order them with the candle purchase.
    • We believe in no waste and monetary worth of our product. Our candle holder / cup is designed with a sloped bottom to allow the full consumption of candle wax and save you hassle of breaking and melting the remaining wax for replacement.

    With the addition of candles, you can change the ambiance of any outdoor and indoor settings. Arranging candles in the right places helps lighten the atmosphere and eliminate the harsh look from electric bulbs. Symbolize your moments of ceremonies and celebrations, signify romance and tranquillity with our sustainable and long-lasting candles.