Hand Care

Hand Care


    Like you are looking after your face, the hands are the most exposed part of the body, they also have to grip tightly throughout the day. Reason to do something good for your fingers: With hand care products from Kimi’s Beauty Shop you keep the skin soft and clean. Find out more about hand care products here.

    Hand washing like the professionals: hand soap

    Before the look into the skin care for your hands, there is cleaning part to be done: only clean hands are ready for hand cream and Co. Our liquid or solid soaps are perfectly suitable for your hand washing. Soap dispensers have the great advantage that you can remove a portion with a quick movement of the hand and you do not have to bother with a slippery bar of soap that makes your sink look not cleaned.

    Discover the secret of our selected care soaps that are carefully balanced like the natural compositions with organic goji and organic acai, organic lime and organic lemongrass or organic aloe vera and organic chamomile offer your hands gentle cleansing without drying your hands out. The pH-skin-neutral formula with delicate care foam gives the hands a well-cared-for skin feeling when washing.

    Under the skin: how do hand creams work?

    The skin on your hands will be thinner and more sensitive than on most other parts of the body. This means that the requirements for hand care products differ from face creams or body lotions. Hand care should be absorbed quickly, re-oiling the skin and, if necessary, relieving skin irritation. Many products therefore contain, for example, chamomile, shea butter, aloe vera, urea and similar valuable care substances.

    Hand creams are very often combination products with a nail care substance. They are massaged into the palms of the fingers and the nail plate.


    Regular hand care is good for the busy hands and will supply the skin with moisture and nourishing substances.

    Hand soap from the dispenser is very practical and easy to dose.

    Hand creams, with or without a scent, care for the skin.

    Pamper your hands with hand care from dm!