Hair Wrap - Hair Turban


    From our latest Hair Care range including shampoos, conditioner, hair masks with oil or Zero Waste shampoo there are many products available to get your Hair looking at the finest. But there is not much out there on how best to dry your hair.

    For those who swear using a different towel for face, body, and hair, and those who ascribe to a one-towel-fits-all approach. We have found that in addition to speeding up air-dry time, investing in a hair towel wrap can be a total game-changer if you're trying to give up your regular blow-dry. After all, heat damage adds up!

    Each strand of hair is made up of the protein keratin and an outer layer to form the cuticle. To make sure your hair is not breaking and weakening the keratin bonds, wet hair requires as much – if not more – care than dry hair. Keeping all of this in mind, overworking wet hair by rubbing with a towel can cause more damage than good.

    Some people prefer to let hair dry naturally in order to reduce frizz, and others say that blow-drying hair on a low heat and at a distance is better than air-drying because the longer moisture is in the hair, the heavier it is and the more stress it places on the hair shaft.

    In an era where so many of us don’t have the luxury of time to let our hair naturally dry, specially designed hair towels are a great invention. They cut down time used to dry hair. These towels come in the forms of traditional “twist and tuck” style, specially shaped turbans with a button fastening and wraps best used for sleeping in.

    Whether made of cotton, microfiber, or other sustainable textiles, hair towel wraps are shaped to fit perfectly when twisted and secured on the top of your head. What's more, they're often woven in patterns that work to better absorb moisture.

    Drying time in a hair towel can last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on hair length and thickness. But this is a sure way to promote hair health and reduce frizz and breakages. For those who have concerns regarding curly or thicker hair, wraps are an easy and effective way to keep each strand healthy between washes.