Hair Care

Hair Care


    Hair care - shiny and healthy looking hair of all lengths

    Healthy looking hair contributes to an individual and well-groomed appearance. For many people, intensive hair care is therefore part of their daily rituals. Choosing the right care products for your hair type is important for an optimal result. We will inform you about the different hair types and show you which products give your hair shine and body. You can also find practical tips for your hair care below.

    How do hair care products work on the hair and scalp?

    If your scalp tends to produce a lot of sebum, your hair will become greasy at the roots more quickly than with a dry scalp. With the right shampoo for oily hair, you create the right basis for slowing down the process of sebum formation as soon as you wash your hair.

    If the sebum formation on your scalp is less pronounced, your hair reacts with dryness. Dry hair care products prevent your hair from looking brittle and dull.

    You will find a particularly large selection in our range of hair care products for men and women. They meet a wide variety of requirements and are suitable, for example, for:

    damaged hair

    flaky scalp

    coloured hair

    thin and limp hair

    Babies and toddlers

    long hair

    The daily hair wash

    Each care product has components that meet the requirements of the respective hair type. These are often herbal ingredients such as:

    Herbal essences

    Bark and root extracts

    vegetable oils,


    The choice of ingredients depends on the hair type. Oak bark extract reduces sebum and is found in products for oily hair. Vegetable oils, on the other hand, make dry hair more supple. Caffeine is said to stimulate hair growth, honey is considered to be anti-inflammatory.

    Surfactants are required to clean the hair. In addition to water, they form the main component of a shampoo. They are responsible for foam formation and the cleaning effect.

    Conditioners, conditioners and hair treatments may contain oils, vitamins and proteins in a higher concentration than a shampoo for care and ease of combing.


    What are the tasks of the individual hair care products?

    Hair care begins with washing or better to say with the shampoo. If your scalp and hair are very dry, it can be a good idea to use a hair oil before shampooing in order to protect the hair from further drying out by the warm water and the surfactants.

    After shampooing, you should not rub the hair dry, but instead gently squeeze out the water with a towel. Rubbing can damage the structure of the hair.

    Conditioner and rinse are designed to restore the moisture removed from the hair by washing. You can choose between rinse-off products and a leave-in conditioner like Hask's. Simply spray it onto damp hair and do not rinse it off.

    A hair treatment or hair mask pampers the hair with intensive care. It therefore makes sense to occasionally replace the conditioner with a longer-acting hair treatment. Hair dryer lotion or hair oil protects the hair from the heat generated by blow-drying or straightening.

    Other care and styling products that you can use after shampooing include:

    Hair setting

    Hair lotion

    Hair balm


    Hair wax

    Hair gel

    Tip: Use a dry shampoo for quick refreshment in between.

    Why are there special hair care products for men?

    Special hair care products for men are tailored to the needs of male hair such as hair loss. With ingredients like caffeine, to activate the hair roots and stimulate hair growth.


    The right hair care depends on your individual hair type and your personal needs.

    You should protect dry hair before shampooing.

    Conditioner or conditioner gives the hair more elasticity after washing.

    Whenever you blow dry your hair, you should protect it from the heat.

    To let your hair air dry, a leave-in conditioner is helpful.