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Gym Towels

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    People usually go to gyms to work out. So, it’s normal to see people in gyms dripping in sweat and that, unfortunately, means that these places can be breeding grounds for germs.

    By being careless, you can easily spread or catch these germs in gyms. It lessens your gym experience plus you can catch infectious diseases.

    Now because no one wants to lug a big, terrycloth bath towel to the gym. You will need something that's lightweight and compact with great moisture management abilities. Our gym towels will be portable, quick-drying, and odour-resistant.

    When you're look for one of our Gym Towels first consider the material. You might want to avoid cotton, which holds on to sweat and will get stinky fast in your gym bag. Instead you might like to opt for microfiber or synthetic fabrics that dry quickly and resist odour.

    With our Gym Towle Range you will make sure that your new towel is absorbent; it swill be able to hold several times its weight in water (or sweat).

    You should also consider how much space it is taking. Your new gym towel spends much of its life sitting in your bag, so it should be lightweight and easy to pack down or roll up.

    When talking about health and fitness, we don’t necessarily think towels. First things that usually pop to our mind are stuff like diet, exercise, gym equipment, Yoga, Pilates, meditation and the list goes on. But definitely not a Gym Towel or Sweat Towel.

    Here is where our Microfibre Gym Towels or our 100% Cotton Gym Towels will help soaking up your sweat,

    Make sure to use a sweat towel when wiping the sweat off your face and body. Your hands are most exposed to germs when you are in the gym.  By using a towel you’ll significantly reduce the risks of transferring infections to your face through fingers.

    The material used in our microfiber sweat towels, provides a comfortable soft touch to the skin, and is lightweight so you can carry it around without it becoming a burden.

    When you’re using them, these towels are capable of absorbing an incredible amount of water or sweat, and they will dry quickly.

    When you prefer our Cotton Sweat Towels they are made of purely natural cotton and excellent absorbent. Our 100% Cotton Gym Towels are a preferred fabric to be worn during hot work outs or Training sessions because the fibres allow easy airflow to help keep your body cool.


    You can also use them for all activities like Walking, Dancing, after Swimming, Water aerobics, Jogging and Running, Aerobic exercise classes, Bicycle riding (stationary or on a path), Stretching, Yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong, Pilates, Heavy gardening, Lifting weights, Push-ups on the floor or against the wall, Sit-ups, Working with resistance bands, Tennis, Golfing and many more.