Face Cleansing

Face Cleansing


    Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? That should make it clear immediately why it is so important to take good care of your skin. But of course, things are a bit more complex than just that. The skin is an interesting organ, and at the same time difficult to understand. What goes on with our skin on a daily basis?

    Your skin cells are changing all the time. The skin sheds it’s cells every day, every minute. That means that taking care of your skin is not something you do ‘now and then’, but on a daily basis. Implementing a skin routine should, therefore, be something you want to do.

    Your Daily routine Skin Care is an important factor for self-confidence. When we look good, we feel good and our skin is a big part of our appearance. That’s why skin care is so important: it makes you look good, it keeps your skin healthy, and you will feel good.

    That’s why you should use high-quality cleansing products like our Aloe Vera Face Scrub or Aloe Vera Facial Toner that will remove all leftover residue after cleansing. Try to see if this works for you.

    Because your skin loses moisture throughout the day you need to help your Skin to ‘repair’ itself and at the same time look healthy, moisture is needed. Try our Aloe Vera Face Mask or Cleansing Milk based on your skin type to see what works best for you.

    How your skin will look in ten or twenty years, depends on the way you care for it now. When we age, the skin will start to show signs of that as well. That means wrinkles, lines, and other things you might not look forward to.

    So make sure to take good care and use our products that are made for every skin type, and never use anything too aggressive.

    You should know what makes up a healthy skin routine. Which is to say, what types of products do you really need to keep your skin healthy and clean?

    A Cleanser is what you’ll use to wash your face and it’s important to use a product intended for your face. You’ll want to wash your face gently and take care not to scrub too hard. Then, rinse with warm water.

    You do not need to look further to find the right cleanser as we offer you all products you need. From Aloe Vera Cleansing Milk, Facial Toner, Aloe Vera Face Scrub and Face Mask.

    Our Toner is applied after washing your face and can smooth, soften and calm your skin. The Toner contains ingredients that replenish and restore nutrients to your skin and can diminish redness and dry patches.

    Like our cleanser the moisturizers are for everyone and should be used every time you wash your face. Our Moisturizer Aloe Vera Face Mask prevents your skin from drying out, leaving your skin hydrated and smooth. It’s most effective when applied while your skin is slightly damp to seal in moisture.

    Here’s a product you might not need or want to apply every day. If you have dry skin, including winter-air-induced dry skin, you may exfoliate more than usual, but you should still keep it to once or twice a week. Our Aloe Vera Face Scrub can be used after the cleanser but before you apply the moisturizer Face Mask, as it helps to removes flaky skin by increasing skin cell turnover. The benefits of removing dead skin is that you build up for smoother skin and clearer pores.

    As the Weather Season’s changes can bring about adjustments to your skin care and maybe the products you use, but it shouldn’t require any major overhaul of your routine.

    In the winter, it’s all about extra moisturizing. The cold weather contributes to dryness the same as the heat from radiators does. You may want to shift to a more moisturizing cleanser to supplement your daily moisturizer.

    Conversely, in the summer a good Sunscreen is recommended, but it’s fair to adjust to a lighter weight for daily use in the summer months. Just be sure to bring out the heavy-duty stuff for any concentrated time spent in the sun.

    As last point we like to remember you that you don’t have to wait for the leaves to fall or the snow to melt to switch up your skin care routine. If your skin changes due to environmental changes, hormones or anything else it’s totally fair to adjust your routine.