Face Care

Face Care


    The subject of facial care is a thing for itself - or rather for us. Because every skin needs individual and, above all, the right facial care. But don't worry: we're not making science out of it now. We strongly believe to have the right facial care for you in our extensive range. Our Range of Lavera Naturkosmetik products are geared to the needs of the different skin needs and are ideal for daily facial care routine.

    The correct sequence of facial care

    “Layering” is the magic word when it comes to facial care routine. It comes from English and means something like "layers". According to this principle, the sequence of facial care consists of three layers or steps.

    The principle behind it is also known as the so-called TRT rule:

    T like toning

    R as in regeneration

    T like tuning

    The beauty routine reveals what is hidden behind these terms in 3 steps - including the right facial care products.

    Toning: Clarify the skin with a facial toner

    At the beginning of facial care, there should always be a thorough cleansing to free the skin from sebum, dirt and make-up residues. Then a facial or cleansing water (toner / tonic) cleanses the pores and prepares the skin for the next care steps.

    Regeneration: care with serum or eye cream

    In the beauty sequence, care specialists are now used who are tailored to your skin type, for example an eye cream or a serum.

    Tuning with moisturizing day care

    As a finish, apply a face cream. In the morning a day cream makes your face fit for the day, in the evening a night cream prepares you for regeneration while you sleep. An anti-wrinkle cream is suitable for mature skin.

    Optional: If you want, you can now apply make-up, Foundation, concealer or powder.

    3 tips for perfect layering

    Note that not all creams and lotions can be easily combined with one another.

    This can be avoided by using a care line from the same manufacturer whose products are specially coordinated with one another.

    Basically you should look that when layering, you should first let a product soak in completely before you apply the next.

    Men's skin ...

    Is up to 20 percent thicker than women's skin. Due to their higher moisture content, their structure appears firmer and tighter - at least until the middle of their thirties. After that, the collagen content of men's skin steadily decreases. Women are only affected by this decrease in moisture later, at the latest with the onset of menopause.

    Has more and larger sebum glands and produces twice as much sebum as women's skin. The hormone testosterone is to blame. Because of this, men tend to have oily and blemished skin, while women are more likely to have sensitive and dry skin.

    Aging later than woman's skin, but faster. The first wrinkles appear in women from the age of 20, first around the eyes. In men, on the other hand, wrinkles only start to form from the age of 35, but then proceed rapidly. The reasons for this are weak connective tissue and slower production of new skin cells. This leads to the notorious under-eye bags in men.

    Has a lot more hair, especially on the face. The hormone testosterone is also responsible for beard growth. Daily shaving places enormous demands on men's skin: It can lead to irritation, razor burn and dry skin.

    Men / women: what are the differences in facial care?

    Most men need a cream that is high in moisture and low in oil for their skin. Because skin creams that are too greasy can quickly lead to blemishes and pimples in men. Many cosmetic products for women's facial care are rich and rich in fat, as women's skin dries out faster.

    Men of creation only have to start anti-aging care from their mid-30s, while women should care for their eye area with a rich anti-aging cream from their early 20s.

    Men's skin is particularly stressed by shaving: Mild shaving foam protects the skin from irritation and irritation. A clean, sharp blade ensures a close, fast shave without razor burn. After shaving, men's skin needs particularly gentle facial care with plenty of moisture.

    Even if men's skin has more melanin, it also needs comprehensive UVA / UVB protection. Because too much solar radiation leads to wrinkles, unsightly pigment and age spots in women and men.

    So, stay away from your partners cosmetic products! Your skin will thank you.