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    Let nature inspire you!

    Bring nature's most beautiful colours into your daily styling routine: from intense colours for trendy looks to subtle nude tones for your everyday make-up. Our natural colour cosmetics await you: Rely on natural make-up from Kimi’s Beauty Shop and give your individual look the good feeling of our wide range of cosmetics.

    Radiantly beautiful in every situation

    We offer the right product for every make-up need. Discover your new favourite foundation here for an even complexion and concealer or cover stick for the hello-wake effect. With our blush colours, you can conjure up everything from delicate apple cheeks to a draping look, and our certified natural cosmetic powder for a matt complexion and bronzer for a delicate summer glow give your look the finishing touch.

    Tip: For a light summery touch, put some blush on the tip of your nose, this gives the face an additional freshness.

    What are you waiting for? Put together your individual package now and have it conveniently delivered to you at home.

    For eyes that fascinate

    Seductive depth of colour, delicate accents or a touch of glamor. our cosmetic range offers you a multifaceted variety of products for your eye make-up: eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and styling gel for the right contouring, mascara for a glamorous look, natural cosmetics eyeshadow for shimmering highlights and intense colour effects, eyeshadow base for long-lasting fixation and Make-up remover for gentle cleansing afterwards.

    Apply the Powerful Lashes Mascara to the upper lashes. It gives the eyelashes an impressive transformation for a spectacular appearance.

    Emphasize the lower lash line with Soft Eyeliner

    Extra tip: If your hand shake, it is best to support your elbow, then it will be easier to handle.

    We have everything you need to style your eyes.

    For breath-taking lip looks

    Whether for a natural day make-up, the subtle business look or an expressive trend make-up - discover the lip products from our colour cosmetics range for your beauty needs. Kimi’s Beauty Shop has the right lipstick, lip liner or lip gloss for you!

    Here you will find your favourite lipstick that you no longer want to be without. Order your favourite colour straight to your home now.