Colours Base Coat

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  • Protective base lacquer for perfectly manicured nails
  • Prepare the nail perfectly on colored nail polish before
  • Protects against discoloration of the natural nail
  • Extends the life of color
  • Ideal pad under colored lacquer
  • From True Colours Nail Care range

Protectionshield for your nails

Those who like painted her fingernails that might know: discolored nails . Particularly dark colors left on the natural nail sometimes their tracks. The Colours Base Coat protects against discoloration - and more ! A perfect base for manicure of Colours Base Coat prepares the nail prior to the color . He makes the nail softer and more resilient. The extra layer keeps all color away from the natural nail and improves the durability of the color enamel. In the future : No painting more without the Colours Base Coat - the perfect nourishing base for beautiful painted nails.