If you wear a bathrobe, you know that few things are more comforting than waking up and putting on a robe and that nothing’s cosier than slipping into one at the end of the day. It’s also probably the garment on your body most often, which means it’s worth knowing which Robe are making the best versions — not an easy feat when there’s a variety of weaves and a wide range of cuts to choose from. A plush terrycloth style might make you feel like you’re between the steam room and the sauna at the Spa.

    Heavy cotton robes are preferably for cosying up and lighter robes for cooling down. How and when you'll wear your robe will largely determine by what you like. If you just wear it for a few short minutes between showering and getting dressed, looks may not be an important factor for you. However, if you are someone who spends every possible waking moment in theirs, this might be a more important factor.

    Robes should be first and foremost comfortable. Consider the weight of the material as well as the season in which you’ll be wearing it. Some of the thick, plush versions may be too warm for summer weather, and some light, airy robes may not be cosy enough for winter. In some cases, you may want more than one robe to suit various seasons.

    Usually what comes to mind is Terrycloth when we picture a bathrobe and it’s easy to see why: The material is thick, cosy, and absorbent, and it evokes an afternoon spent at the spa or lounging around a hotel. 

    When buying a robe for yourself, you may already know the materials and styles you like. But if you’re giving a robe to someone else, consider these guidelines.

    Think about temperature: The fabrics you’ll want to consider will vary depending on whether you need the robe in order to stay warm, keep cool and covered, or to simply dry off after a shower. Lighter Bath Robes are best for warmer temperatures whereby more heavy Cotton Bathrobes work best for cooler temperatures when coming out of the shower.

    Consider how it will be used: The small details on a robe can make a big difference in functionality, depending on when and how you plan to wear it. Robes with long sleeves or shawl collars are great if you need to step outside in the cold or bundle up while lounging around the house.

    Low maintenance is key: Most people do not want to deal with a material that needed dry cleaning or can only be hand-washed. That why we sell only Bathrobes that can be put in the Washing machine.

    Know the importance of colour: If you’re giving a robe to someone as a present, choosing a colour can be tricky. Our robes come in all sort of colours from bright to vibrant choices. If possible, find out what colours the person prefers, but go with a neutral if you are not sure.