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    Hairbrushes and combs for neat and well-groomed hair

    Hairbrushes and combs are indispensable styling products. Foldable models or small hair busts are suitable for freshening up the hairstyle in between. And regardless of the individual hair fashion, the tools for untangling and organizing are important care utensils with which you can keep your hair strong and healthy. Here you can find out everything you need to know about hairbrushes for men and women.

    Clean and loose: hairbrushes for beautiful hairstyles

    Do you wear your hair longer? Then you know how quickly the individual strands get mixed up. Even with hair accessories that are tamed by hair ornaments, it is inevitable that the hair will mess up or begin to fly.

    Hair care with a brush helps prevent tangling and tangling, and removes dirt and hairspray residue from the hair. In addition, when brushing, the protective sebum from the hairline is distributed over the entire length of the hair.

    Brushing gives the scalp a stimulating massage and removes the loose hair - this reduces the risk of losing hair where you walk and stand. Use specially shaped brushes for hairstyling and modelling a hairstyle with the blow dryer.

    Info: It is better not to brush your hair immediately after washing, as the hair substance is more sensitive when wet and tends to tear. Roughly detangle the hair with your fingers or a hair dryer comb and brush it only after it has dried.

    What types of hairbrushes and combs are there?

    Whether natural frizz, Rapunzel hair or a cheeky short haircut: The range of brushes is as diverse as a person's hairstyle is.

    Paddle or flat brushes represent the classic brush shape: the bristles are embedded in a flexible cushion on a flat brush head. Paddle brushes fan the hair effectively. The longer you wear your hair, the larger the "paddle area" should be.

    Round brushes are suitable for natural frizz, for modelling hair and styling: The bristles are arranged all around and allow individual strands to be turned in the desired direction or to be tensioned.

    Skeleton brushes are usually made of plastic. The bristles sit on the brush head, which is perforated with air-permeable openings - this makes them suitable for efficient blow-drying.

    In the case of detangling brushes with or without a handle, the bristles are of different lengths and, thanks to a special arrangement, grip the hair in an offset manner. You can get detangling brushes from Tangle Tweezer, for example.

    How do I care for hairbrushes?

    A hairbrush needs to be cleaned regularly because hairspray, sebum and dust get stuck between the bristles. Use a rod-shaped tool such as a stick comb to remove any loose hair. Then soak the brush in a mixture of lukewarm water and shampoo. You can remove stubborn dirt from the bristles with a comb. Then air dry the brush.



    Hairbrushes are indispensable tools for grooming and styling for men and women.

    A small hairbrush or comb belongs in every pocket. A folding hairbrush with a mirror replaces a hairdressing set when you are out and about.

    Skeleton brushes organize natural curls, flat brushes straighten long hairstyles.

    Hair should be brushed properly and dry at least daily.

    Make sure that your new brush is of high quality, regardless of the material.

    Warm water and shampoo are sufficient for brush care.

    Make a good hairstyle with hairbrushes from Kimi’s Beauty Shop!


    Buy nail clippers - well-groomed nails on hand and foot

    Beautiful hands are your calling card. Apart from the face, no other part of the body is so exposed. When you shake hands in greeting, you come into contact with others; when you touch things, all eyes are on your fingers. Find out more about nail clippers here.

    How does a nail clipper work?

    Well-groomed nails add excitement to hands. The same applies to the feet: trimmed toenails are a must not only during the sandal season. A nail clipper is a practical tool for maintaining the horn plates, which grow by about a millimetre every week. Before you apply nail polish, you should shape the nails.

    A nail clipper is an accessory constructed like a pair of pliers or tweezers, in which two jaws are pressed together with concave blades. To shorten the nail, insert it in between and snap the mini-pliers shut. The fingernail is cut from both sides because the cutting edges meet directly.

    The advantage over nail scissors is that the horn is not shortened by a mutually displaced cutting movement, but a vertical splitting movement. Furthermore, the nail clipper can be easily operated with both hands. The safe handling of scissors, on the other hand, is a bit more cumbersome for left- and right-handed people on the other hand.

    Nail clippers for feet as an alternative to nail nippers work on the same principle, but are a little larger. You can buy high-quality models from Scholl or Credo, for example.

    What do I have to consider when using it?

    When used correctly, using the nail clipper is child's play.

    Use the nail brush to clean your hands, feet and nails.

    If possible, place the blades at right angles to the horn plate.

    Keep enough distance to the nail bed and snap firmly.

    Then correct any protruding corners as usual with a nail file or nail scissors.

    Then treat your nails to a cream finish.


    If you want to cut nails quickly and neatly, a nail clipper is ideal:

    Nail clippers are easy to use with one hand.

    The cuts are smooth regardless of the thickness of the nail.

    Cracks on the horn plate are avoided.

    With a nail clipper in your pocket, you can cut discreetly torn nails when you are out and about.

    Nail clippers for the feet prevent chafing socks.

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